I always pack a Caroline Dress: it takes up no space, is super comfortable and will have you fit in at a smart restaurant as well as at a beach bar. I wear Ida or Beate Jackets when travelling, the pockets are perfect for passport, phone and wallets. Often I pair it with Lilli Pants. The new Indigo blue is a current favourite. Bendix Shirts are always great alone or on top of an Andrea Top as a casual jacket. The Sysser Vest will keep you warm on a chilly day. I never go anywhere without my Rampling Pants in Lavender, they make me feel special. The Bellini Bikini Swimsuit is great for pools and beaches and doubles as a top with a Kate Skirt - the easiests skirt you could ever travel with. The Laura Skirt because I love its ladylike yet artistic feel, and the Colombe Jacket as it is the most comforting thing you could wear. It makes me feel safe.