La Colombe d’Or Jacket, Japanese sashiko parquet

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Inspired by one of Malene Mallings favourite places, a small hotel in the South of France where she comes back year after year with her family. It is all about relaxed, artistic sophistication just like the jacket that feels snug and comfortable but is so well tailored you can take it anywhere. The pockets are perfect for passports and phones alike

Sashiko, or “little stabs,” is a traditional Japanese technique of functional embroidery that can reinforce the fabric to make it stronger and more hardwearing. This Sashiko cotton is a small delicate stitching in an alternating pattern. The fabric is dyed using a traditional technique called Bushu in which the threads are yarn dyed with real indigo dye before being woven.

100% Cotton

Dry clean only 

It is a little on the large size making it possible to wear a jumper underneath the jacket.