Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

I have always enjoyed the melancholy that comes with winter, however, this year I have struggled with the darkness. I am surprised by how much the light, or lack of it, affects me. There is little I feel I cannot do, when the sun shines, but once it is dimmed, it is a whole different story. On top of that the constant stream of devastating news that come at such a high pitch has influenced my work, daily life and my line of thinking. So for the past months I have been uncharacteristically introvert and have spent my time on the things that are personal to me: the journey with La Bagatelle, my family and books. 

The pondering made me question my place in the Fashion Industry. Is it superficial of me to work in fashion? However, truth be told, I truly love what I do, creating clothes that, to me, are special in every way. It fills me with pride and purpose. It matters to me that the fabrics come from Italy, France, Japan and India as well as carefully curated vintage fabrics from Japan and China. As well as the fact that our items are tailor made in Copenhagen. It makes me feel better knowing that I am part of a brand where everything is made by hand and where nothing goes to waste. 

I am ever so grateful for the return of the light. My home is filled with spring flowers, my favourite kind, and I get excited every time I get dressed in the morning, (naturally always wearing something from La Bagatelle,) because – regardless of the weather - beautiful clothes do matter! 

Kind Regards,
Malene Malling