La Bagatelle is inspired by the house ‘Bagatel’ drawn by architect Gottlieb Bindesbøll in the small seaside town of Taarbæk just outside of Copenhagen. Now the home of Malene Malling, her daughters and their dog Eddie. This tiny, charmed house has been key to developing La Bagatelle from dream project into a brand. The house shows Malene Malling’s love of collecting anything from interior treasures to clothes. The cupboards are full of garments that reflect a life lived in the world of fashion with items from important collections to vintage finds.
       La Bagatelle is the outcome of everything she has learnt on the way. It is a collection of the items a modern wardrobe should be composed of. Pieces that are all harmonious in their energy, proportions and composition. Tailor made in outstanding fabrics that will allow its owner to focus on the life they lead and not on what they are wearing, simply because La Bagatelle balances the interesting skill of fitting in while standing out.


Malene Malling and Eddie, the dog, at home at ‘Bagatel’.