Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

I’ve changed my mind. I have to admit it. Late Autumn last year I wrote a La Bagatelle Postcard and a column in the newspaper Børsen Pleasure about how I had pretty much stopped wearing black. How it no longer interested me. However, the moment it was published, the only thing I felt like wearing was black. I laughed at how childish I was being, that I always want to break the rules, even the ones I make myself. But none the less, that was how I felt. 
Through the past few years it isn’t as if I haven’t worn black at all, but I have found myself drawn more to all the colours that I adore and that are a big part of La Bagatelle. But during the winter months I have had lots of days in all black or at least with black in the mix. 
        So on the occasion of Copenhagen Fashion Week we are introducing “The Gray Collection” inspired by Eileen Gray, the Irish architect and furniture designer, who was a pioneer in the world of modern furniture and aesthetics. It will be a constant part of the world of La Bagatelle from now, on so it will be possible to find pieces for the dark days as well.

In December I spent quite a few hours putting together the massive bookself in my new office space. During that process I glanced in the many magazines I have done over the years. One of them featured the home of Eileen Gray E-1027 (the second last issue of Cover). Another one was of a shoot for my magazine The Horse Rider’s Journal at The Royal Cast Collection, and then there were numerous images of my dear friend the filmmager and write Emma Rosenzweig from when she was a cool kid who modelled. As those images were stirring in my mind, my mother gave me her old and very beautiful hexagon shaped Baume & Mercier watch. Naturally it was black. Combined all these factors made me dream of showing a more reflected version of Emma – the intellectual, strong and poetic side of her (and La Bagatelle) in the largely monocrome palette of Eileen Gray. Another dear friend, the photographer Philip Messmann, wasn’t hard to persuade and The Royal Cast Collection were kind enough to open their doors. I so hope you will like The Gray Collection – this permanent new addition to La Bagatelle.  

Lots of love,
Malene Malling

Emma is wearing Bendix Shirt, cotton lawn white and Lilli Pants, Ashes black French linen.