Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

Selfies are incrediblily embarrassing, there is no way about it. It might be fine for young girls, but as soon as you are past 15 it is actually not. Once when we did magazines a top model requested that she took her own picture for the cover. We found it to be an utterly absurd suggestion. However a decade later it is now the most ordinary thing that people stand in front of mirrors and take pictures of themselves. I would have sworn I’d never do it. However, a very good friend of mine encouraged me to do it for La Bagatelle “so people can see how you style and mix and match your clothes…” And so I did it. Felt totally embarrassed about it at first, but I got over that feeling quite quickly as so many of you were kind enough to write words of encouragement. And I told myself it is about the clothes, not about my obvious lack of looks. So for this Postcard, it is all about clothes. Books, restaurants, places to go and people to see will have to wait till the next Postcard. Enjoy. 

Lots of love,
Malene Malling