Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

I am in England buying textiles for La Bagatelle. I am in such awe of the people I work with here who are immensely knowledgeable and take such pride in what they do. It is incredibly inspiring.

At some point during Spring I was considering moving a small part of La Bagatelle’s production to Southern Europe because it would be more cost effective. However, I decided against it as I don’t want to compromise. I don’t want to buy cheaper textiles and less interesting ones because that is what a bigger production would demand. I love that I can find just one roll of fabric and make something out of it. It means that we can work with small cloth merchants with special, time consuming techniques creating unbeliable fabrics. Furthermore, I love that La Bagatelle is made by the most dedicated and wonderful tailors in Copenhagen. When the weather permits it our pieces are delivered or picked up by bike. That is how local it is. So much love goes into La Bagatelle, there isn’t room for compromises.

Lots of love,
Malene Malling