Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

Late last year something very exciting happened. We moved our showroom into a new space on Værnedamsvej 3B where we plan to stay for many years to come. It will not be a regular shop, but we will open up the space to clients on chosen dates every month and we will look forward to your visits. It is a special place with a wonderful atmosphere and I can honestly say that there is nowhere quite like it in Copenhagen. A hundred years ago it was a cheese shop, it has also been a tobacco store and now it holds our offices and showroom. Maybe it is because of this magical place that I can stand the weather in Copenhagen where Januar seems to be even more grey and wet than usually. Værnedamsvej is a very international street,  yet it feels local at the same time. Men hang outside the cafés in the morning for a coffee, there are three wonderful flowershops in the street and pretty much all the little shops there are precious. And then, of course, we are here now. Other than Værnedamsvej I have compiled a list of things that are getting me through January.

I hope you will feel inspired.

Lots of love,
Malene Malling