Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

I used to wear black all the time. Everyone in the fashion Industry did, and it seemed the only relevant option for me. It was sophisticated and it signaled competence. However, something has changed, and the days where I feel like wearing black only are far fewer. Don´t get me wrong, I still think it looks trés chic, however, I no longer feel the monotone colour palette fully reflects who I am. I have changed. Recently I found myself on a plane to London where I was heading over for meetings. I was wearing a lot of black, perhaps because black is trustworthy. However, I felt all wrong and longed for my Rampling Pants in Claret, my mustard coloured La Colombe d’Or jacket and my grey Bendix Shirt. 

With La Bagatelle the beautiful colours and structures of the fabrics are so wonderful and somehow reflect the world that I love of litterature, gardening, cooking and quite frankly working, writing, picking fabrics and making new beautiful pieces for La Bagatelle. I am still the same girl that once wore all shades of black, and yet I have evolved and so has my taste. La Bagatelle is the summary of my journey.

Lots of love,
Malene Malling