Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

When The New York Times asked if they could cover one of my dinners, and in particular a La Bagatelle dinner, I was quite humbled. Not only is it one of my favourite newspapers and the journalist Ellie Pithers who would conduct the interview is someone I respect, but it also seemed the perfect way of honouring La Bagatelle’s universe. Why? Because La Bagatelle is about life. The good life, a life enjoyed and a life well spent. And a dinner is a beautiful way of celebrating life. I love the dressing up part, the planning of the menu, the setting of the table, making a careful seating plan and inviting an interesting group of friends. It is always an advantage if some guests know each other well, but new faces are a treat too. 

The dinner became a very special celebration of La Bagatelle. The clothes and the feeling of them never really leave my mind, but I am also passionate about the textiles we use. They are all handpicked by me and quite magical which means that the essence of every piece of La Bagatelle is exceptional. It is also quite essential to the spirit of La Bagatelle that every single piece of La Bagatelle is tailor made in Copenhagen. The city where we live and where the dinner was hosted.

Lots of love,
Malene Malling