Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

When I started La Bagatelle, I named it after the house I live in called “Bagatel” which means “a little thing” in Danish. The house is quite small, much smaller than the neighbouring houses. However, life I find, is in so many ways about the little things. If you get them right, you will end up getting a lot of it right. Life in this little house by the sea inspires me. And at this time of year it is especially the colours of the garden that is reflected in the fabrics at the moment. Autumn is a special time of year and all the colours of the trees and fading flowers are jewellike and make for a really sumptuous feeling. 

In this “Postcard” Rasmus Skousen has photographed me at home at Bagatel wearing some of the items I wear on repeat these days. There was no hair- or makeup artist at hand. We were just two friends who have known each other always, hanging out drinking Earl Grey tea in between the shots one beautiful late afternoon. So there is no cheating, just beautiful clothes. 

Lots of love,
Malene Malling