Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

One of the many reasons why La Bagatelle came about, was that I stumbled across a few tiny rolls of Japanese and Chinese vintage cotton, made in private homes on small weaves close to a hundred years ago. They were so charming I couldn’t resist buying them not knowing what to use them for, but fully aware that they had to come home with me. For a long time they were lying the daybed in my office, till it became apparent that they had to be turned into little precious jackets. And thus the first Ida Jackets came about. Later I have introduced the Beate Jacket that is slightly slimmer in the fit. However, both are made from rolls of vintage Chinese cotton like the first rolls that I initially discovered. No two rolls are alike. They all have different patterns and colours so each jacket is a “one of a kind” – there is just enough fabric for one jacket. And that makes each and every one of them ever so special. I get equally excited every time I find a roll, hoping it won’t be the last but never knowing for certain. I don’t buy all the rolls I find – only the very best ones. Just as it should be for La Bagatelle.

Lots of love,
Malene Malling