A Summer’s Song, a scent in the shape of a candle

350,00 kr

A friend of the house and the nose behind La Bagatelle’s scents is Emmanuel Martini. He is a French independent parfumer who trained in French perfume composition houses in the South of France, more specifically in Grasse and in Manosque. Mr Martini became a parfumer because of the beauty of the craft: “ It is a very uncommon language that provides beauty, emotions and feelings about aesthetics. It is not material but very abstract and it requires true sensibility.”
When doing the scents for La Bagatelle his thoughts behind them were to do “something that like everything else at La Bagatelle is about a lot of beauty and creativity”.

No scent of a flower holds the promise of summer like the lilac. As the nights turn light with the coming of the Scandinavian Summer it is time for heavy scents to step aside and let the mild, light and poetic Lilac take its place. Created by our very own parfumeur Emmanuel Martini for La Bagatelle.