8 December 2021



Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

Welcome to my first Postcard, from me to you. Right from the very beginning I wanted La Bagatelle to be a platform for sharing inspiration. The La Bagatelle Postcard should be a hybrid of all the things that fascinate me. I am ever so interested in textiles, the “right” shades of colours and proportions in clothes but I also have a big love of interiors, books, restaurants, travels and all things beautiful that I would like to share with you in the future.

I love this time of year, where the lights and festivities encourages us to make even more of an effort than we do already. It is the one month of the year where I wear red nail varnish on weekdays (Chanel Pirate no 08, the perfect red). The only time of year where my pale skin is acceptable, I really prefer a tan, and where everyday dressing can be more party-like. So enjoy it while it lasts.

Kind Regards,

Malene Malling



The Caroline dress is such easy-elegance and the petroleum colour is very beautiful this time of year when the skin needs a little extra help. Wear it with or without a belt depending on your mood. The emerald-coloured Sophia Jacket is a stunning match and an added bonus is that this outfit feels super comfortable and smooth on the touch.

Shop the look here:
Caroline Dress, petroleum wavy pearls satin,
Sophia Jacket, emerald silk velvet


A very special one-of-a-kind jacket in perfect pastels made from just one roll of silk. I dream of wearing to a smart dinner or cocktail party with my lavender coloured Rampling Pants. This stunner is also good open with a grey turtleneck underneath.

Shop the look here:
Lisbet Oriental Jacket, waffled vintage Japanese silk,
Rampling Pants, lavender silk velvet


I love a good pencil skirt, and this one in tomato coloured grosgrain silk is just about perfect. It is elegant with our Bacall top in soft pink silk. But it is also good with a fitted knit. I will be wearing mine to Christmas parties this year.

Shop the look here:
Bacall Top, rose wavy pearl satin,
Loulou Pencil Skirt, red grossrain silk


The Sophia Jacket in amethyst coloured French silk velvet feels like a cashmere cardigan but looks like a jacket. Match it with your Lilli Pants of choice, or your favourite dress/trousers/skirt in your cupboard at home. I love it with my Lilli Pants in Chinese Blue and a petroleum-coloured Andrea top.

Shop the look here:
Andrea Top, petroleum wavy pearl satin,
Sophia Jacket, amethyst silk velvet,
Lilli Pants, Chinese blue French linen


Pop by our studio on the 15th and 16th of December from 11am to 17 pm to pick up a present for yourself or a loved one. Boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands and wives can also write us in advance to order your present, and they can pick it up fully wrapped and enjoy a glass or port while taking care of payment on those two days.



I love that it is a mind game that young and older can play alike. Naturally it is wonderful to play it at a beautiful board, but within the last two years I have become very fond of the Chess app Chess.com It allows me to have a game going for days where I play with my boyfriend. But mostly I play with strangers whenever I have a minute or two. It’s a really great gift. Chess board from The Apartment.


Annie Ernaux: Årene, Les années, The Years. It is a modern masterpiece of a book.


Run by my best friend Andrea Nielsen who also happens to be one of the most stylish women I know. This is the go-to-place for beautiful, original and utterly gorgeous jewellery all made by Andrea’s hands. Check out her Instagram.


Fashion photographer turned musician Sebastián Faena is just now launching some beautiful songs. “Save your life” is particularly good. Get it on Spotify. 


How to spend it. Growing up in England has given me a great love of English newspapers and especially the weekend supplements. Financial Time’s “How to Spend it” the European edition, is very good indeed and a subscription is on my Christmas wish list.


YSL dotted voile tights. As much as I love bare legs in summer, that there is nothing chic about freezing. So in Winter I prefer woollen tights for day and fine, mat tights for evening. Wolford is a firm favourite, but this Winter the perfect pair with a party dot is from Yves Saint Laurent.


I use mine all the time. It is perfect for making our Rampling Pants in velvet look brand new after days of wear or even rain. I pretty much steam everything that I don’t have ironed.



The Jane is inspired by the English singer and actress Jane Birkin who became a French style icon when she started dating singer Serge Gainsbourg. She does easy dressing for warm days better than most and makes us dream of Summers in the South French in our pencil skirt and skimpy tops.

This cotton corduroy has a 5 mm cord making it super soft and very comforting to wear and super cute in its look. It is produced at a favourite mill in Italy.

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