J.U. bottle apron, striped Indian cotton

450,00 kr
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The J.U. is the one thing in life you didn’t think you needed. But trust me, you do. The J.U. is the chichest little apron for all your wine bottles so you can actually buy the wine you like the most and not have to think about the lable. The J.U. is the only item in the world of la Bagatelle named after a man. He is Malene Malling’s beloved father who has shaped her more than most: opinionated, loving, well read and in the kitchen every night. One of Malene’s favourite childhood memories is that of her father cooking and telling stories with her on the kitchen table sipping the one beer he had every night when cooking. To this day, if Malene drinks anything when cooking it is beer… in a Beatrice glass. 

100 % cotton

Perfect for a bottle