Sophia Roe wears Harbro Dress, black silk velvet


Dear friend of La Bagatelle,

I am intrigued by people who can turn pain into something beautiful that we can all learn from. The Danish writer Vita Andersen was such a person. She suffered throughout her childhood but grew to become a remarkable writer because she could transform her thoughts into words that would widen the world of many. She was also a style icon, a true original spirit. 

A little over a decade ago I met her daughter Tatiana Andersen Camre, a poetic designer who does the loveliest prints. And to me everything came together when Tatiana allowed us to take the very last pictures in her mother’s Copenhagen apartment only weeks before the keys were handed over to the new owner.

The photos are something of an homage to the extraordinary writer who lived there for decades. Another close friend of mine the photographer Philip Messmann took the pictures of his girlfriend the tastemaker Sophia Roe dressed only in La Bagatelle with a nod of respect to Vita Andersen’s style. Also how can you not love and respect a woman who lived in an all pink apartment for decades…? 

Lots of love,
Malene Malling