Creams, soaps and lotion at Aesop, shoes at the newly opened A.P.C., tea at Sing Tehus – I buy the Sencha. For food look no further than Helges Ost where I buy lunch on a weekly basis and delicacies to bring home for an easy dinner. The gigantic mistletoe in the Studio is from Blomster Hjørnet where I buy flowers all the time. Get your port and champagne at Juul's Vin og Spiritus. It is impossible to leave Dora empty handed. I have bought vintage Christmas decorations and candles there recently. As well as beautiful tea towels for the Studio kitchen. Have breakfast at Granola, sandwiches and ris a la mande at Italo Café, wine and something hot to eat at Le Gourmand and coffee and everything else at Les Trois Cochons where the service is great, but I don’t come often as Eddie (my dog) isn’t allowed.

Le Gourmand, Værnedamsvej 3a
Sing Tehus, Værnedamsvej 4
Granola, Værnedamsvej 5
Dora, Værnedamsvej 6
Aesop, Værnedamsvej 7
A.P.C., Værnedamsvej 8
Blomster Hjørnet, Værnedamsvej 8
Helges Ost, Værnedamsvej 9
Italo Caffé, Værnedamsvej 10
Les Trois Cochons, Værnedamsvej 10
Juuls Vin og Spiritus, Værnedamsvej 15